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Toys play an important role in helping children with autism learn, communicate, and express themselves. They can be used to practice social skills, develop fine motor skills, and express emotions. When choosing toys, consider the child's interests and abilities, developmental level, and sensory needs. Avoid toys that may be too loud or have flashing lights. Provide the tools for children with autism to thrive and succeed.
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Playing an instrument has a significant impact on children's development, boosting cognitive skills, self-esteem, fine motor skills, creativity, teamwork, and collaboration. Virtuoso Bears are a great way to encourage children to start learning an instrument, with their musical toys playing classical music and helping children develop important skills, a love of music and classical music appreciation.
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Introducing children to classical music can benefit their development in several ways, including improved cognitive and language skills, reduced stress and improved mood. A study at the University of Helsinki found that children exposed to classical music had better cognitive and language development compared to those who were not exposed.

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