Discovering Virtuoso Bears: A Journey to Embrace Music - Virtuoso Bears USA

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Discovering Virtuoso Bears: A Journey to Embrace Music

Creator of Virtuoso Bears - Joanna Skubisz with her two sons

Discovering Virtuoso Bears: A Journey to Embrace Music

When I was 32, I had a desire to revisit my childhood dream of playing the piano. As a child, I had taken lessons, but the lack of motivation led me to view classical music as boring and uninspiring. Reflecting on my past, I wondered why this was the case. Chopin's etudes and Brahms' ballades were stunning pieces filled with emotions that words couldn't express. I realized that classical music was often shrouded in elitism and megalomania, reducing it to merely "great compositions." I wanted to change that.

The Power of Early Exposure

It was then that I had an idea of giving children an opportunity to experience classical music in its full glory. The first impression plays a crucial role in shaping a child's perception of the genre. By presenting classical music through cute, cuddly teddy bears, I aimed to positively influence the way children approach it. The ballads of Chopin, sonnets of Mozart, and symphonies of Beethoven would evoke fond memories of childhood and bring a sense of bliss and freedom in the future. Virtuoso Bears were created to be a multi-sensory experience that not only played music but also introduced children to the composer behind the melodies. Each teddy bear resembles a composer, and their life story is written in their inner pocket.

Nurturing Development with Music

I strongly believe in the developmental benefits of introducing music to children from a young age. Studies have shown that music can enhance cognitive, emotional, and social development. However, many sound toys can be annoying to adults. Virtuoso Bears were designed to be a soothing and graceful alternative, playing timeless hits that appeal to listeners of all ages. It's a way of nurturing a love for classical music that will last a lifetime.


The Virtuoso Bears collection is proudly established under the umbrella of toy brand Vosego. The name Vosego is derived from the Latin words "Vos," meaning "you," and "Ego," meaning "I." This combination symbolizes the core essence of selfless parental love, where the needs of the child are always placed above one's own.